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Nephew’s belated b-day party was today and it lasted 182 hours… Oh – and the nephew has been disinherited…

Posted by Ellis on Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

The nephew’s birthday party for our side of the family was today.  I went ahead and gave him his iPod shuffle Friday after school and gave the niece a DVD of Mama Mia at that same time and then we drove around to run errands with the nephew in the back seat of Bubbles screaming “We will, we will rock you” at the top of his lungs.  That song lasts less than 2 minutes but he repeated it over and over and over again! 

The nephew got a bunch of CASH – he made me take a picture of him with his money before he spent it at Toys R Us so he could take the picture home to his jackass half-brother who told him there was no way in Hell he would get $100 for his birthday and he ended up with a grand total of (including the money he’s been saving for the past few months) of $140 – so eat that you jackass!

The party started out with lunch – bro Alan was appointed cook of the hamburgers, crazy kids played around.

nephew and snephew - fire and boiling water

I checked out the garden. The lettuce is doing really great after the recent rain!

lettuce 3-22-09

As is the broccoli!

broccoli 3-22-09

The blueberry bushes are looking promising – we are all really excited about these – but my idiot brother said he couldn’t wait for the blueberry bushes to start producing since his squirrel loved blueberries and he could pick some to take home and feed to the squirrel. Are you kidding? None of my damn blueberries will be fed to that damn squirrel!

blueberry bush 3-22-09

The cake was a hit! I was happy with it! And just to let you know – it really is the best chocolate cake ever. Here’s a link to the recipe from Kevin and Amanda’s Recipes.

Before I regale you with pictures of the cake, here’s why the nephew is disinherited:

He said that when I die, he is going to run Bubbles into a ditch and leave my baby there.  Really?  Just abandon Bubbles?  In a ditch?  Dude – you’re so seriously cut out of the will it’s not even funny!

So now here are some pictures of the cake:

nephew's bday cake pre-star wars figures

nephew's bday cake decorated

nephew's bday cake

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