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Got a pic of the gas station church and more!

Posted by Ellis on Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Man!  I cannot believe I never noticed the gas station church back when I was going to court in Kingstree on a semi-regular basis a couple years ago!  I really can’t!  That drive from the big city of Florence down to Kingstree is just a treasure trove of ridiculous signs and stuff!  Here’s the gas station church – complete with steeple, of course!

I didn’t mention the church name – not nearly as funny as Supernatural Miracle something, something Tabernacle between Florence and Sumter, but it deserves a mention:

Now here’s a sign I found in between Lake City and Kingstree.  Seriously, who’s going to buy property from a man named Spud?  Only around here! 

Here’s the non-existent Lake City Industrial Park…

There was also a “Rugs and Things Rug Store” but I couldn’t get a picture – it had started raining by then.  Now, if the store is named “Rugs and Things”, is it really necessary to add “Rug Store” to it?
Jerry comes tomorrow – I have “crazy eyes” and probably won’t get a lick of sleep tonight.
What are “crazy eyes” you say?  This is a term I coined back during the runaway bride ridiculousness of a few years ago – only because that is when the term first occurred to me.  Using the runaway bride and my years of dealing with insane people (short list – lady with eyebrows drawn on at the TOP of her forehead, mu-mu/bunny slipper lady claiming her landlord cooked and ate her pet turtle, etc., etc., I’ll do a good list one day when my former coworkers write me back with their definitive favorites), I have discovered that there is one “tell” as to whether a person is crazy or not – when they look at you, if the whites of their eyes are showing all around the colored parts of their eyes, they are Ellis-certified insane.  Some people might call these “bug eyes” which in my case would be appropriate, but I wouldn’t want to impose “bug eyes” on crazy people as I don’t want to insult the bugs!

I’ve decided that my former mechanic told me he has retired since he immediately remembered me (or my car) – I’m going to further investigate his actual retiredness when I go to Edisto in a couple of weeks and will probably run into one of his other clients…  Hey, I know I wrecked that car 13 or 14 times, but if the brakes hadn’t kept giving out, that number would be lower!  Maybe the blowing out of a couple of tires while tearing through the mall parking lot back in 1990 could have been avoided and was totally my fault, but hey, I was young!

I picked a big tomato today along with a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes.  No pictures today, though – the gas station church and Spud will have to be enough for today!



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