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My attempt at rating the dumps and other info…

Posted by Ellis on Sunday, July 27th, 2008

I was just going to go back into my previous dump review and update with pictures or maybe revise the entire posting, but figured I would be better off with a whole new entry here.
I did NOT go over to my house today to move anything as everything is done except the piano! My cousin and her husband came Friday and spent the night and loaded up a U?Haul Saturday with some of my furniture that they will be borrowing for a while and my brother came over and loaded up the trailer with some more stuff that he’s borrowing, plus made some more trips to the dump. He has also admitted to NOT going to his favorite dump on every trip as he was beginning to think that the dump monitor would get suspicious and he may be stripped of his dump VIP status. God forbid! 
Since I didn’t want to unpack and felt I needed one day off, I decided to get out my list of dumps and take pictures of them. I even went to all six in town!

I’m sure there will be people who will say that this endeavor of mine to rate the dumps is ridiculously stupid.  I don’t care.  I’ve spent so much time at the dump this past couple of weeks that I had to find something to say about it other than just bitching about it!  So if I diss your favorite dump (Alan), take it with a grain of salt.  It has come to my attention during my “research/moving/throwing out crap I didn’t know I still had and still can’t figure out why I saved” that people can get pretty defensive about “their dump”.  All dumps are dirty, all dumps suck, having to put your trash in your car/SUV if you don’t have a truck/trailer sucks big time.  All you can do is try to find a way to either laugh about it, just look at it as a social experiment or for goodness sake, pay for trash pickup if you don’t live in the city limits!

I first went back to Ebenezer.  Unless I missed something, it’s the ONLY dump with a speed limit that I visited.

Since it’s Sunday and they are closed, it was pretty clean. I could see a couple of my lightning-fried TVs and old computer monitor peeking out at me from the electronics dumpster. 

I love how the dump monitors at some dumps have umbrellas and chairs.

On the county’s website, there is a distinction amongst the dumps as to which ones have a wooden shed and which ones have a concrete shed. Ebenezer has a wooden one…

Organization: 7 – Most bins are clearly marked but more info would be appreciated.
Roominess: 7 – When I went, the household dumpster was pretty full and there was no second dumpster. However, the electronics and appliances were pretty roomy.
Dump monitors: 9 – They just left you alone – and there was more than one – they seemed to be happier since they had chairs and umbrellas, and the wooden shed just looks better than the concrete one.
Overall: 7.7
Next up, Timrod… This has a concrete shed… And man, no wonder the dump monitor here is so ticked off all the time – he doesn’t have an umbrella!

They are sure to explain that it is unlawful to dump your trash in the driveway… Oh, and someone thinks that this purse they found in the trash might just be perfect for a passerby…


Organization: 3 – The only signs I saw were for tires and the ones outside the gate.
Roominess: 5 – The cardboard container is overflowing – doesn’t seem to have too many dumpsters at all.
Dump monitor: 2 – He scares me.
Overall: 3.3
Next is the airport/football stadium dump – my least favorite of the three I had already visited, but it doesn’t look too bad on a Sunday…
Man, this dump monitor has a ton of yard implements!

This dumpster is for used tires – no new ones, please, and no professional ones, just personal ones…

This dump monitor also does not have an umbrella – he must be pretty cranky, too.
Organization: 4 – There are only two clearly marked dumpsters here – one for scrap metal and the one for tires. The rest are a free for all, I suppose.
Roominess: 7 – There are plenty of dumpsters.
Dump monitor: 9 – He leaves you alone and he has to sit in the sun all day, so I’m bumping him up to a 9 – he would get a 10 if he would spray paint some signs for the dumpsters.
Overall: 6.7
I then went back to the Greenwood dump. I have not actually dumped anything at the Greenwood dump but have driven out there before and there was a creepy man loitering around the gate smoking a cigarette and looking suspicious, so I turned around and left.
This dump monitor has an umbrella, a bunch of chairs, a broom, rake and a fan! Where does he plug in the extension cord? Maybe he unplugs the crusher dumpster and plugs it in there.


What do they need all those brooms and yard implements for? Maybe you can just take them. I will have to ask my brother about this.
When I was leaving, I noticed the sign at the end of the street that told me I was wasting my time with my dump reviews and ratings as the Greenwood Dump has been declared Number 1. This dump also has a toll-free number.


Organization: 6 – There were a couple of signs, plus one that said “do not use”, and some of the dumpsters had numbers on them. 
Roominess: 7 – There seemed to be a few empty dumpsters, but then one empty one you couldn’t use.
Dump monitor: 8 – He needs to make some signs or something, but he has an umbrella and seems to take the time to snatch stuff out of the trash and lay it around for people to come and get. That’s pretty nice. 
Overall: 7 – This probably would have been higher if the creepy man hadn’t been skulking around the entrance the first time I went.
Next is the Effingham site. This didn’t have a building – just a metal tent. However, under that, the dump monitor has placed all things worth saving for dump goers to peruse and take home with them. I’m not sure what that big white thing is, but I’m sure someone will want it! I need to call my brother and tell him about this place!

It was pretty clean but didn’t have a lot of signs.
There is one drawback to this dump…
What is that “they” say? Location, location, location!!!

Yep, I really want to go to the dump where the convicts are skulking around after having been released from the jail that’s across the street!
Organization: 7 – This one gets a bump up because of the shopping center. 
Roominess: 7 – One dumpster was full, but the rest looked empty.
Dump monitor: 10! The shopping center did it.
Overall: 5 – This started out to be an 8, but has to be bumped down to a 5 what with all the convicts skulking around.
Lastly, John Paul Jones Road…
This one hits a homerun for all the signs posted all over the dump. This dump monitor is CRAZY for signs. He must not have anything to do but make signs! I did like the professionally printed signs from the garbage company that had pictures of stuff you can dump in certain dumpsters. 

      Okay!  I get it!  No WOOD!  Jeez!

Some people are not paying attention to the signs. I’m not sure how two wooden bird houses on posts got in the scrap metal dumpster.
There are also a few dumpsters with “Don’t Use” painted onto a homemade sign. The homemade signs do get annoying.  This dump has a wooden building and no umbrella so I’m sure the dump monitor is sort of cranky.
I would imagine this sign was put up after he had to clean up a particularly bad “bag bust” event.
Organization: 10 – The signs were great.
Roominess: 7 – Just too many dumpsters with “don’t use” signs on them. Why have all those dumpsters if you can’t use them?
Dump monitor: 5 – After taking the pictures and looking around, the obnoxious homemade signs really started getting on my nerves and the dump monitor is letting people put cardboard and wooden bird feeders in the scrap metal dumpster. It was just chaos in there!
Overall: 7.3

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