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Tomatoes are doing great and county dump reviews – fun, huh?

Posted by Ellis on Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I went out back to check the back 40 this afternoon – picked a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes and one bigger one – not sure which kind.  We may have enough cherry tomatoes right now to go to the farmers market Saturday and sell a bag for $2.00!  Exciting!

While spending this week packing up and clearing out my house, I’ve discovered that I have a bunch of useless crap that I don’t need, don’t want, and don’t care anything about.  I’ve bagged up all kinds of crap and have been to the dumps around town more times than I care to remember.  I don’t actually think I’ve ever been to the dump before and it’s a very mysterious place.  They actually expect you to sort your own trash and recycling and then don’t adequately tell you where to put the stuff!  I decided that it would make things a little more interesting if I visited more than one dump, just to see what they are like.  Now that I’ve been to three of them, I feel I can competently rate the dumps of Florence County.  Keep in mind I still have several more in town to visit.  Yep – city kid here – I have never lived anywhere that I didn’t have trash pickup and now I know I never will.

No. 1 on the list so far is the one out on Ebenezer – and in my list, being the best out of this group is not that much of a compliment.

The first day I visited Ebenezer, I had a fried TV and the stereo I got when I went to college (turntable works, CD player doesn’t – I guess I’ll just have to miss out on listening to my Olivia Newton John records and the Pac Man Fever record).  The Ebenezer dump had clearly marked a dumpster “electronics” so at least I did not have to wonder where to put this stuff.  HOWEVER, if you are going to have a dumpster to put electronics in, which are usually not that light, how about make use of the short dumpsters or put the dumpster next to the raised part in the dump where you can drive your car up so that you will be ABOVE the dumpster.  I nearly had a stroke trying to lift that gigantic TV over my head to put in that damn dumpster.  

I don’t even want to know how someone got a refrigerator into the next dumpster marked “scrap metal”.  No, actually I do – they had to have a forklift, right?

My brother will just have to help get the rest of my fried electronic equipment out – he LOVES the dump – I think he scavenges (which is clearly against the dump rules according to the sign).

I also went there with regular trash – that’s a bit confusing.  There’s a dumpster marked “household trash” but then has “no cardboard” also written on it – this dumpster has a “crusher” feature that was continually smashing the trash into the dumpster.  I had a box or two in the trash, but I’m not sorting through trash bags to pull that out.  There was a dumpster marked “bulk trash” but I’m not even sure what that is.  Also, what are “brown goods?”  It does not mean only put brown stuff in here because there were some blue flowered mattresses in the “brown goods” dumpster so I’m really confused.

The second one on the list so far is the one out near Timrod.  The drawback to this one is that there is a really cranky old man that works there who attacks you when you drive in and interrogates you about what you are throwing away, then barks at you “OVER THERE!”  This place does not have clearly marked dumpsters and also doesn’t have the “crusher” feature that Ebenezer had on the household trash dumpster.

The last one on the list – the grossest so far – is the one behind the football stadium that is shared by all three high schools.  There were no signs to tell you where to put anything except on a couple of dumpsters.  I had to guess that the dumpster without furniture in it, another one with the “crusher” feature that was not working, that had 12,413,872 flies buzzing around was the household garbage one.  I put my crap in there as fast as possible and got the hell out of there – and made it out with only one gigantic fly in my truck!  Did I mention the disgusting stench?  I think someone had put a dead body in there before I got there.

I wondered at each dump – what happens if you put unauthorized trash into a dumpster?  Do you get a ticket?  Do you have to get in the dumpster and fish it out and put it in the right one?  Do you get publicly flogged over near the used tires dumpster so all of the other dump-goers can laugh at you?

I still have a few more that I have not visited, but I may have to forego a complete dump review in favor of my preference to avoid fly and maggot infested areas that smell like dead possums.  I’m also scared of the recycling portion of the dumps – that looks really difficult – just big dumpsters with three little holes in them.  No signs, no pictures, no nothing.  How do you know what goes where?  Of course, I didn’t look too closely – I think the dump is a place where you don’t make eye contact with the other people there – kind of like how Baptists do at the liquor store…

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