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Geocaching trip to Marlboro and Darlington Counties!

Posted by Ellis on Sunday, February 17th, 2013

No school on Friday 2/15/13 so we took a little geocaching trip. We started out with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Grandma – then we took off! I was determined to hit 200 but eventually gave in to teenage angst in the form of the snarly 12-year-old and quit at 196. 196 isn’t bad, though! Niece says we can knock out 4 easy! We did manage to get 8 so that was acceptable.

We started out at Bingham’s Light – of course it was daylight so no ghost… There was another cache near a cemetery…

 photo IMG_1744.jpg

One at a roadside park – we didn’t actually find the cache, but since the town was Brownsville, we had to take a picture!

 photo photo-5.jpg

We then went to find the screw pin cache:

 photo IMG_1749.jpg

 photo IMG_1747.jpg

 photo IMG_1748.jpg

Then we headed to Blenheim – home of the famous ginger ale – and found the cache next to the spring:

 photo IMG_1750.jpg

 photo photo-6.jpg

We headed off to Bennettsville and found a few around there, including a puzzle cache and the niece was more than willing to volunteer to add five digit numbers on her day off from school!

 photo IMG_1752.jpg

 photo photo-7.jpg

 photo IMG_1753.jpg

Our last stops were in Society Hill, where they are now advertising “Enhanced traffic enforcement” – so that’s what they are calling it now-a-days?

 photo IMG_1756.jpg

 photo IMG_1755.jpg

 photo IMG_1757.jpg

 photo IMG_1758.jpg

 photo IMG_1759.jpg

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