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Pita bread experiment complete, but first, a lesson on proper parking lot etiquette…

Posted by Ellis on Sunday, May 16th, 2010

While driving Miss Daisy around Saturday (and even my mother has taken to calling these trips that, so I’m safe), we ran across this site in the Bi-Lo parking lot.  Now, really? Not only is this irresponsible parent going to not put their kiddie cart up, they just leave it in a handicap spot to prevent Miss Daisy from getting a close spot to the store?  Thanks!


Yeah, ha ha – the kiddie cart looks like a race car. Very funny. Somebody better tell me some asshole teenager did this instead of some soccer mom who had too many things to do to worry about the elderly and infirm shoppers to come after her that day.

I finally tried making pita bread today – I figured I could use it for sandwiches this week, or use it with the hummus if it didn’t work. I read 4 billion comments about the pita bread recipe and about all the problems people encountered with their pitas not “popping”. I used tinfoil instead of a baking sheet like someone said and only cooked one at a time for a few of them and surprise, surprise, my first two popped (okay, the first one was half popped) and I thought I had it down!



Then I did another one and it didn’t pop at ALL. Of course they all taste the same, but they feel thicker – the ones that don’t pop. I did another one, no pop. Then another one and it popped. Another one and it half popped.

Now what the hell is up with this? I ended up with 8 pitas – 1 perfectly popped, 2 so-so popped, 2 half popped, and 3 flat as pancakes (or flat as a fritter as my mom would say, but I’m still not sure what a fritter is).


Of course there aren’t 8 in this picture – we had to test them and hell it was hors d’oeuvres time anyway so I did pull out the hummus. I’m going to re-read the comments and see if there is something else I can do to ensure more pop next time, but I’ll do these again. They taste so much better than the ones I buy at the grocery store. Oh, plus, I used half whole wheat flour with these so that’s even better. The final test will be when I make a turkey and swiss sandwich in one of these tomorrow.

As a postscript, for some strange reason, all of the neighborhood cats have taken up residence in the backyard.  They used to all just congregate under the house for their secret creepy cat meetings during which they plot the destruction of mankind.  However, since all the construction is going on, they have declared a cease fire in their war against humans and have taken to lazing around the yard.  And there are new cats that I’ve never even seen before!  That lion cat from next door moved away and 2 more have moved in.  I’m going to have to ask the new neighbor kid about her pets.  Anyway, an orange cat has taken to sleeping right next to the garden, so I’m going to assume that one is protecting the garden from the squirrels so she/he is okay.  There’s a black one with white spots that has taken to sunning directly behind the VW – but I think that one sleeps in the car at night and leaves its hair and footprints all over Bubbles so that one is not so popular.  I put some dog food out for the orange one, though, just in case the cuts on its face are from fighting the squirrels – I need to keep her/his strength up!

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