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Christmas is over and we had snow!

Ellis on Dec 28th 2010

Christmas night we got the kids, in their pajamas since that is what they went to school in last time for Polar Express Day. Of course it snowed and they got new snow boots but those stayed at their mother’s house because, well, need I say it? I, of course, was not surprised, [...]

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Soccer games and the traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall visit

Ellis on Nov 15th 2010

On November 13: First there was soccer.

Then a visit to the Vietnam Memorial complete with helicopters, tanks and jeeps.

Then a visit to the actual wall.

Then the niece’s feet needed a self-massage on the rocks:

Then when I was taking them home to Alan’s, we saw black smoke and had to investigate:

Someone’s cotton-pickin’ cotton picker exploded! [...]

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Halloween is over and tomorrow I get an extra hour of sleep! Yay!

Ellis on Nov 5th 2010

So the niece had a total of three Halloween costumes this year.  THREE!  Why you ask?  Because her mother, in her infinite wisdom, decided to use her optional 3 hours of Halloween time to take the kids trick or treating this year (you may recall previous years when the kids were with her on Halloween [...]

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Halloween 2010 plus geocaching plus soccer – have we missed anything?

Ellis on Oct 30th 2010

Busy couple of days!  So Friday, we went geocaching – to clean up some of the ones we keep missing. We still can’t find that one at Briggs, but did find the other train caches – with a little help on the one at the CCComplex, and none of us can BELIEVE we missed [...]

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Eek! A woodpecker?

Ellis on Oct 26th 2010

Yes, you read that right – a woodpecker (red-bellied woodpecker I believe, if the image search on Google is to be believed) somehow got in the house and I had to, well, honestly, first of all take a couple of pictures and second of all catch it with a butterfly net and set it free. This was only [...]

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More geocaching and Halloween treats

Ellis on Oct 24th 2010

We went caching again on the 15th and hope to make another trip out this weekend but since it’s Halloween, I’m not sure we can fit that in, especially if that nimrod decides to leave her precious boyfriend to come back to town to take the kids trick-or-treating.  There is just no telling.  Anyway, we did [...]

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Geocaching, fall flower festival, silly band earrings and a lock-in

Ellis on Oct 6th 2010

Put all these things together and apparently you eventually end up with a really pissed off 8 year old (read through to the end).

Of course, the fall flower festival – we have to get pumpkins and stuff.

Deep in thought…

Found a dead butterfly in a mum…

They are both concerned:

Now the niece is trying to bury it [...]

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Catching up before it’s too late

Ellis on Sep 23rd 2010

It has not rained here in a month.  We are hoping for rain Sunday but nevertheless, every plant in the yard is dead.  I’m trying to bring a bellpepper back to life and will check on its progress tomorrow.  But back to the possibility of pictures, before the niece’s birthday extravaganza could begin, there were [...]

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We finally have bellpeppers! (plus other stuff)

Ellis on Aug 28th 2010

Plus I made English muffins for the first time:

Plus I’m still the best aunt ever. Here’s the step-niece’s birthday cake:

And here’s that autographed Capt. Rex picture I got for the nephew – thanks to Melinda and Marty who actually went to the convention!

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Still behind!

Ellis on Aug 16th 2010

My dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer a few weeks ago so I have been really lax in updating the blog.  I’ve been cooking and taking food over there and trying to come to terms with this myself.  He is doing chemo but to hear him tell it, the chemo is useless but [...]

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