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Trip to Atlanta – Day 1

Ellis on Jun 9th 2011

Mom and I took my niece and nephew to Atlanta – the primary purpose of the trip was for Kayleigh to go to the American Girl store and get Riley’s hair done, eat lunch and do a little shopping.  Of course we couldn’t drive 800 hours just to do that one thing, so we did [...]

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We have a new addition…

Ellis on May 29th 2011

I went to Statesville, NC Friday to meet a dog.  Her name was Abby Pearl or Tiffie or apparently any number of names. They said she was housebroken, 3-4 yrs old and has “never met a stranger.” I met her, she fell in love with the nephew and we brought her home. We brought her [...]

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We have tomatoes!

Ellis on May 19th 2011

We really do have tomatoes – big ones and little ones – but nothing is near being ripe. We also have blueberries and beans and other stuff – we still have a little while to go, though.



And then we have the niece with her pooping cow toy, which she thought was broken so she got [...]

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What’s been going on?

Ellis on Apr 2nd 2011

We have still not started on the garden – wasn’t this all supposed to be about gardening? What happened to that?  Anyway, I did plant an egg plant – yeah, you saw that – a space between the egg and the plant – I’m sure this will work – I picked it up at the [...]

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Nephew’s birthday did finally end…

Ellis on Mar 25th 2011

He did spend some birthday money.  I should add that this flying thing (remote control thing – not the thing pictured below)  is already sitting in the dining room with the receipt attached because he wants to take it back since it doesn’t work.  It did work, until he flew it the first time and [...]

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Happy Birthday, Nephew! And, no, you are NOT Irish just because your b-day is March 17.

Ellis on Mar 18th 2011

It doesn’t work that way, dear.  People whose parents are in the military and stationed in Germany, who are then born in Germany, aren’t German so come on. 
Anyway, since our big trip to Bishopville, we have done a bit more geocaching:

And this sign was awesome:

It was located near a geocache which was located in a [...]

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Trip to Bishopville! There’s so much to do there!

Ellis on Feb 18th 2011

There really are a lot of things to see over there. Mom and I got the kids from school and headed over there.

We first stopped at a gas station with the nicest bathrooms we have ever seen at a gas station and picked up the cache right next to it:

Then we headed into town [...]

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Man, somebody has GOT to police the Wal-Mart for crazies. Just sayin’. And happy birthday to my sister-in-law!

Ellis on Feb 7th 2011

Let’s see. The niece and I made a cake for her step-mom’s birthday – devil’s food… Then we ran out of time for the niece to ice and decorate since the nephew had to make some ginger cookies to use his Star Wars cookie cutters. That was a lot to pack in to a day full [...]

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Have I mentioned my brother is building his first tree house?

Ellis on Jan 29th 2011

Well, if you don’t count our nailing a 1 by 12 board in the magnolia tree when we were kids and throwing a rope over a branch with a bucket tied to the end of it so as to send supplies up to our board which we called a tree house, the first tree house [...]

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Some caching, a photo shoot and camping at the Wal-Mart

Ellis on Jan 23rd 2011

Friday, the nephew, niece and I went Geocaching and since I got the nephew this photo of clone troopers done by this guy who is matting them and selling them under the logo “The Secret Life of Toys”, I also printed and framed a couple of the nephew’s pictures he has taken of his clone [...]

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