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One of these things is not like the others…

Ellis on Aug 17th 2012

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

Ellis on Apr 27th 2012

I picked the nephew and niece up from school and we went to pick strawberries.
Well, first we stopped at a gas station for slushies like we do every other Friday but they didn’t have any. Niece got a SpongeBob popsicle and nephew opted for nothing. Niece was literally crying beforehand over nephew’s calling the front [...]

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We accomplished a lot tonight!

Ellis on Apr 26th 2012

The niece and nephew arrived at 6:00 this afternoon. The nephew had a 4-stanza micro-managed poem he was to complete by tomorrow with all sorts of different rhyming patterns in each stanza, a hyperbole in this one, a metaphor in that one, two things in this one, etc. It was a nightmare considering [...]

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The 2012 garden is planted!

Ellis on Apr 2nd 2012

With a lot of help from the nephew and s-nephew, the garden is planted. This includes a new raised bed this year, purchased from Sam’s, and the one I built a few years ago, and the satellites. We have one more Sam’s raised bed that I didn’t put up – I may put that one [...]

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Nephew had a b-day!

Ellis on Mar 27th 2012

He’s now 12. And his voice is changing. I’m going to call him Peter Brady.

Before his party, we went to the new animal shelter to drop off some dog and cat food and look around at the new facilities. Luckily we got out of there without adopting anyone!
We saw Abbey’s memorial brick:


And here is super-cute [...]

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New year already?

Ellis on Jan 9th 2012

The holidays are always so busy – we did a lot this last month and January has not slowed down yet! We undertook making a new 2012 calendar for Grandma which entailed some photo shoots all over town of the kids holding up signs listing the important events and birthdays for the month, which also [...]

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I just need one picture in front of the tree with both kids smiling, and to see a few teeth would be great!

Ellis on Dec 13th 2011

This ended up costing me $3.00. Actually, after a few shots of Matthew the wooden soldier, I told them I would give them a dollar for a smile, then another dollar, then I said I quit paying them. After all was said and done, I paid both $2.00, but Kayleigh told me she only wanted [...]

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I’m getting close to my running away from home trip and am grievously behind on posts.

Ellis on Oct 6th 2011

Due to all of our travels this summer, the garden died a horrible death.  As such, I have been seriously considering giving up, cancelling the domain name and starting fresh with something new.  I went so far as to reserve “” over at Blogger.  But that is limited to traveling only.  See my dilemma? Well, [...]

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I did mention we went to Houston, right? By CAR?

Ellis on Aug 13th 2011

Now that was a TRIP and that starts with T and that rhymes with P and that stands for PISSED.
Okay, not really that dramatic – and who actually caught that reference?
Anyway, we did – it took 7 months to get there – or 2 days – not sure now – and we saw some really [...]

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Atlanta Day 2

Ellis on Jul 3rd 2011

Wow – I didn’t realize I was so slack! I spent a week or so making a photobook of the Atlanta trip and just forgot. Plus, the garden is baking to death in this drought and I am going to have to rebuild the cage for next year because the squirrels and/or birds are eating [...]

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