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Busy, busy today but no update yet… Meanwhile…

Ellis on Jan 13th 2012

Here is a picture of the niece chilling with her iPad next to the new gas logs. These things are making the heater unnecessary, pretty much!

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This is for Matthew – who couldn’t be here this week while the new driveway was created. Meanwhile, Little Frank from next door spent every afternoon here and may have gotten a paycheck…

Ellis on Dec 17th 2011

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Last of the vacation pictures!

Ellis on Dec 11th 2011

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The end of the Maine part of the vacation

Ellis on Nov 7th 2011

I printed out a bunch of pictures at CVS but still may do a book out of all of them so you don’t have to go through each and every picture.  I did have a great vacation and my only regret is that I think it wasn’t long enough! I have a bunch of pictures [...]

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And it’s almost time to leave! I could stay another month or 12!

Ellis on Oct 21st 2011

Wednesday I went on the whale watching tour – we saw a bunch of pilot whales but that is the only kind we saw.  The next time I run away from home to Maine, I will come in September. Maybe. Maybe I’ll just watch the Discovery channel with Matthew to see whales.
Anyway, before we saw [...]

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I’m getting close to my running away from home trip and am grievously behind on posts.

Ellis on Oct 6th 2011

Due to all of our travels this summer, the garden died a horrible death.  As such, I have been seriously considering giving up, cancelling the domain name and starting fresh with something new.  I went so far as to reserve “” over at Blogger.  But that is limited to traveling only.  See my dilemma? Well, [...]

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ipad app testing

Ellis on Oct 2nd 2011

Just testing to see if this actually works.

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Slack, slack, slack

Ellis on Sep 22nd 2011

I’m so slack I can’t even find the pictures from the “Texas No. 3″ group – I know I uploaded them.  Or Kayleigh did – dammit – we are going to have to have a talk. 
Let me just tell you how this is going to go:
Ellis:   Hey, niece, weren’t you helping me upload all of [...]

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Houston, TX #2

Ellis on Aug 28th 2011

We did finally make it to Houston.  On the first day there, we went into the city and somehow survived:

Yeah, I’m not sure how we survived that – and the picture doesn’t do our horror justice and we have no pictures of our driving through horrific traffic during a monsoon. That was painful and can [...]

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I did mention we went to Houston, right? By CAR?

Ellis on Aug 13th 2011

Now that was a TRIP and that starts with T and that rhymes with P and that stands for PISSED.
Okay, not really that dramatic – and who actually caught that reference?
Anyway, we did – it took 7 months to get there – or 2 days – not sure now – and we saw some really [...]

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