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Geocaching trip to Marlboro and Darlington Counties!

Ellis on Feb 17th 2013

No school on Friday 2/15/13 so we took a little geocaching trip. We started out with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Grandma – then we took off! I was determined to hit 200 but eventually gave in to teenage angst in the form of the snarly 12-year-old and quit at 196. 196 [...]

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Ellis on Jan 6th 2013

For the past few years, I have given my mom a calendar with photos from the previous year for each month – but for the past couple of years I have tried a gimmick – like last year, her grandkids posed holding pictures with the months/graphics/names of people who have birthdays that month written on [...]

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Wasting time…

Ellis on Aug 6th 2012

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Niece makes Kayleigh-potatoes!

Ellis on Jul 19th 2012

The niece made her famous potatoes:

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It looks like I haven’t posted anything in over a month!

Ellis on Jun 7th 2012

I really have -  but I keep getting spammed like you would NOT BELIEVE so I keep taking down posts trying to stave them off!  It’s not working and I cannot get this spam filter to work – who am I kidding, I can’t even update my version of WordPress much less install a spam [...]

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We accomplished a lot tonight!

Ellis on Apr 26th 2012

The niece and nephew arrived at 6:00 this afternoon. The nephew had a 4-stanza micro-managed poem he was to complete by tomorrow with all sorts of different rhyming patterns in each stanza, a hyperbole in this one, a metaphor in that one, two things in this one, etc. It was a nightmare considering [...]

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The squirrels are still at it but despite them, the garden is growing.

Ellis on Apr 15th 2012

Even the seeds that the s-nephew planted 7 inches deep have sprouted!

I even picked three strawberries today!

And the blueberries are looking great! I’m not saying we can bake an entire recipe of blueberry muffins from the crop but we can probably manage to rustle up enough to top some cereal!

And the niece and nephew [...]

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The 2012 garden is planted!

Ellis on Apr 2nd 2012

With a lot of help from the nephew and s-nephew, the garden is planted. This includes a new raised bed this year, purchased from Sam’s, and the one I built a few years ago, and the satellites. We have one more Sam’s raised bed that I didn’t put up – I may put that one [...]

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More house stuff

Ellis on Feb 8th 2012

Well, you can still check on the progress of my new house over at Renovating Madison but remember that while I’m doing that, I’m also dealing with crazy grandma’s house while Alan is off working or snowboarding or whatever it is he has been doing for the past couple of weeks.  The kitchen cabinets have [...]

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I bought a house and we did other stuff…

Ellis on Feb 4th 2012

I did buy a house.  It needs lots of work so I am trying to decide if I should create an entirely new blog to chronicle the progress on the house or just put all of that here.  I think a new site makes more sense but can’t decide on a name.
Any ideas?
Aside from the [...]

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