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And it’s almost time to leave! I could stay another month or 12!

Ellis on Oct 21st 2011

Wednesday I went on the whale watching tour – we saw a bunch of pilot whales but that is the only kind we saw.  The next time I run away from home to Maine, I will come in September. Maybe. Maybe I’ll just watch the Discovery channel with Matthew to see whales.
Anyway, before we saw [...]

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Tuesday in Surry

Ellis on Oct 18th 2011

I did leave this a.m. with every intention of going on a whale watching tour – I had already ordered my ticket Monday and the guy didn’t say anything about parking.  When it became obvious that I was never going to find a parking spot that didn’t say “2 hour limit” on it since the [...]

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Day 2 in Maine

Ellis on Oct 17th 2011

Got up early to let the dog out – I did go back to bed, until I woke up with a tick running across my arm.  Of course I didn’t kill it or put it outside, I freaked out and threw it across the room so it’s still there, somewhere.  I think I’ll sleep in [...]

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My vacation has begun! Finally!

Ellis on Oct 16th 2011

I left yesterday, Saturday, and drove to New Jersey.  I set up the GPS to use a regular voice since Darth Vader just gets a little much when you are traveling but I did use the X-wing fighter from Star Wars:

We made it all the way to Somerset, NJ and here are a few things we [...]

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I’m getting close to my running away from home trip and am grievously behind on posts.

Ellis on Oct 6th 2011

Due to all of our travels this summer, the garden died a horrible death.  As such, I have been seriously considering giving up, cancelling the domain name and starting fresh with something new.  I went so far as to reserve “” over at Blogger.  But that is limited to traveling only.  See my dilemma? Well, [...]

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I did mention we went to Houston, right? By CAR?

Ellis on Aug 13th 2011

Now that was a TRIP and that starts with T and that rhymes with P and that stands for PISSED.
Okay, not really that dramatic – and who actually caught that reference?
Anyway, we did – it took 7 months to get there – or 2 days – not sure now – and we saw some really [...]

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Atlanta Day 2

Ellis on Jul 3rd 2011

Wow – I didn’t realize I was so slack! I spent a week or so making a photobook of the Atlanta trip and just forgot. Plus, the garden is baking to death in this drought and I am going to have to rebuild the cage for next year because the squirrels and/or birds are eating [...]

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Trip to Atlanta – Day 1

Ellis on Jun 9th 2011

Mom and I took my niece and nephew to Atlanta – the primary purpose of the trip was for Kayleigh to go to the American Girl store and get Riley’s hair done, eat lunch and do a little shopping.  Of course we couldn’t drive 800 hours just to do that one thing, so we did [...]

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Lots of construction happened while we were at the beach!

Ellis on Jun 18th 2010

We did go to the beach and it was freaking hot! 

There is a picture of the splinter the nephew got somewhere that he took out himself… Plus he wrecked his bike while trying out a trick and the niece very carefully took care of his wounds…
The construction has continued and here are the [...]

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Weekend at Edisto with the Knobeloch Clan

Ellis on Nov 17th 2009

We arrived late Friday afternoon so it was too late for fishing but not too late for goofing around and stuff.

Like laughing at your cousin when he acts like an ostrich while he’s having a hissy fit:

Bounce on the bed until you fall off: (Here’s Cousin Emily pre-fall)

Teach your cousin how to use a camera:

Tell [...]

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