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Pedro the tree guy came Saturday! And those kids have NOT gotten tired of the construction site yet!

Ellis on Apr 18th 2010

So Pedro and his crew came Saturday right when we were leaving to go to Sam’s so we had to postpone that trip for about an hour – those guys are fast!  They cut down a bunch of limbs that would have been hanging over the new addition and even used a “chainsaw on a [...]

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A little bit of rain and a little bit of baking…

Ellis on Apr 8th 2010

Man – some rain!  I think it qualifies more as spit. 
I decided to try out this recipe for braided lemon bread – and as usual it is taking longer than expected so here I am, still awake at 12:30 a.m. finally preheating the oven.  That’s not the only problem. 
The other problem is that this recipe [...]

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The Garden has been (mostly) planted!!!!!

Ellis on Apr 4th 2010

Yay! We spent this afternoon planting the seeds we started a while back – I probably wasted some since we just don’t need that many plants! I planted at least 15 bellpepper plants, plus the nephew joined in and started helping after that and we also planted tomatoes (of course), some eggplants, string beans, butter [...]

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Finally it’s time for the nephew’s birthday celebration… and my first beer butt chicken!

Ellis on Mar 21st 2010

Everyone came back Saturday night for dinner, minus my sister-in-law who had an over-abundance of dogs at the grooming/boarding biz and Marie.  I finally iced the ice cream cake, after the niece and nephew helped with the ice cream the other day and we re-froze it.  The kids played Saturday, we had some burgers and [...]

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Matthew is Officially a Two-Digit Person and y’all – a snake tried to kill us!

Ellis on Mar 20th 2010

Okay, so Wednesday was the nephew’s birthday and he turned 10 – two whole digits!  And that was in total defiance of my orders to not age.  Damn him.
So on his birthday, we went geocaching for a while and didn’t find crap!  I mean nothing!  It was awful!  But then we got a phone call [...]

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The nephew’s big 1-0 birthday is fast approaching plus some other stuff

Ellis on Mar 15th 2010

I took Mom to Charlotte last week for her doctor’s appointment to check on her hip.  The report was good.  Great progress, doing better than most other patients who all seem to be addicted to the pain meds by this point, and got the okay to walk around the house without the cane but was [...]

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More geocaching, still need to take pics of our seedlings which appear to be doing okay, and I made bagels!

Ellis on Feb 20th 2010

Okay, so the kids came back Thursday and the nephew had not studied for his spelling test at all.  I don’t know what goes on over at his mother’s house, but I know what DOESN’T go on over there and that is studying.  Jeez. 
Friday we went geocaching after school and I made my first trip [...]

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Wow I’ve been slack!

Ellis on Feb 4th 2010

But in my defense, there really hasn’t been a lot of time to take pictures and write crap since Jennifer had her baby and I’ve been on dog duty for a couple of weeks now.  The kids came back this afternoon, though, a whole hour early which makes all the difference in the world since [...]

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Thanksgiving is over and we’re on to Christmas!

Ellis on Nov 29th 2009

So I really did make an awesome cake for Thanksgiving dessert – we just didn’t have enough guests to finish it off. So I’ve been passing it out to everyone and they say it’s great – and I don’t think I’m being too forceful, am I?

It’s called an English Toffee Cake – it really is [...]

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Jeez Louise will these cookies never end?

Ellis on Oct 28th 2009

So I have finally baked enough cookies (I think) for both the niece’s and the nephew’s classes.  And tonight I finally decorated the pumpkins.  2 nights ago I did the ghosts and I’m not putting eyes on them – I tried that and it just won’t work out right.
So here are the ghosts, first of [...]

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