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It looks like I haven’t posted anything in over a month!

Ellis on Jun 7th 2012

I really have -  but I keep getting spammed like you would NOT BELIEVE so I keep taking down posts trying to stave them off!  It’s not working and I cannot get this spam filter to work – who am I kidding, I can’t even update my version of WordPress much less install a spam [...]

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We accomplished a lot tonight!

Ellis on Apr 26th 2012

The niece and nephew arrived at 6:00 this afternoon. The nephew had a 4-stanza micro-managed poem he was to complete by tomorrow with all sorts of different rhyming patterns in each stanza, a hyperbole in this one, a metaphor in that one, two things in this one, etc. It was a nightmare considering [...]

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I’m getting close to my running away from home trip and am grievously behind on posts.

Ellis on Oct 6th 2011

Due to all of our travels this summer, the garden died a horrible death.  As such, I have been seriously considering giving up, cancelling the domain name and starting fresh with something new.  I went so far as to reserve “” over at Blogger.  But that is limited to traveling only.  See my dilemma? Well, [...]

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Man, somebody has GOT to police the Wal-Mart for crazies. Just sayin’. And happy birthday to my sister-in-law!

Ellis on Feb 7th 2011

Let’s see. The niece and I made a cake for her step-mom’s birthday – devil’s food… Then we ran out of time for the niece to ice and decorate since the nephew had to make some ginger cookies to use his Star Wars cookie cutters. That was a lot to pack in to a day full [...]

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Construction updates – could it be almost finished? Plus other stuff…

Ellis on Jul 4th 2010

I’m just packing it in on the garden this year. I mean, really! It’s embarrassing. The construction workers now seem to be taking pity on us and our pathetic garden and are bringing like giant bushels of tomatoes from their gardens with buckets full of okra since ours is so pathetic. It’s embarrassing. Damn. I [...]

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Construction, geocaching, and it’s just hot.

Ellis on Jun 28th 2010

The AC guys finally came back.  Apparently there has been some contention between the contractor and the AC guys.  The contractor even said that he called the company since they hadn’t shown up when promised and totally busted the guy in charge for making someone else answer the phone so he didn’t have to talk [...]

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Lots of construction happened while we were at the beach!

Ellis on Jun 18th 2010

We did go to the beach and it was freaking hot! 

There is a picture of the splinter the nephew got somewhere that he took out himself… Plus he wrecked his bike while trying out a trick and the niece very carefully took care of his wounds…
The construction has continued and here are the [...]

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Pita bread experiment complete, but first, a lesson on proper parking lot etiquette…

Ellis on May 16th 2010

While driving Miss Daisy around Saturday (and even my mother has taken to calling these trips that, so I’m safe), we ran across this site in the Bi-Lo parking lot.  Now, really? Not only is this irresponsible parent going to not put their kiddie cart up, they just leave it in a handicap spot to prevent [...]

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I’m still deathly afraid of snakes, but braved the great outdoors again Friday…

Ellis on May 15th 2010

For a little geocaching with the niece and nephew…  I checked the website and several new caches had been hidden around town and we can’t let snakes ruin geocaching forever, right? So the first one we went to find was one out behind the baptist temple and the description said there were blackberries back there. [...]

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Not much happening on the construction front but I did make something new in the kitchen…

Ellis on May 4th 2010

First, the construction – really, nothing is happening but they did bring the shower and stuck it in the bathroom:

The strawberries are really coming along and I hate to say it but I’m going to have to pick them before the nephew makes it back over here!

I did make bread this weekend and am getting [...]

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